Yoga In Life, Narwana, India, 2014

Under the banner of "WE ARE ALL ONE", the Yoga in Life event was filled with great speakers, performances and people. Many leaders and wisdom keepers were in attendence, such as Mr. Bharat Bhushan Garg (President of Rama Kala Kendra and Ex Chairman of Municipal Comity), Anil Arya Jee (Chairperson in Vyapar Mandal Haryana, Chairperson in Agarwal Smaj, and Chairperson in Arya Schools in Narwana), Sh.Kailash Singla Jee (Chairman Municipal Comity), Sh. Jiya Lal Goyal Jee (Chairperson in Sanatan Dharm Mahila Mha Viddyalay), Sh. Jay Dev Bansal Jee (ex-Chairman of Grain Market), Mr. Ravi Mittal Jee (Sr. Engineer), Mr. Roshan Lal Mittal, Diwan Bal Krishan Jee, Mr.Vinod Kumar Garg (VEE GEE Complex), Mr. Chander Bhan Jee, Mr. Sudesh Chopra Jee, Mr.Lakshman Mirdhaa Jee, Mr. Subhash Goyal Jee, Mr. Mannu Chhabra Jee (Father of Advocat Egulshan Chhabra), Sh. Mange Ram Singla Jee, and Munificent (Chief Guest). All were committed to the program with their full time and energy! Thank you so much to all!

The event began with giving regard to mother Bharat Mata and the "Welcome Song", sung by Arya Kanya School of Narwana. Then, five Priests chanted Mantras for peace and prosperity in the universe. Amit Kumar presented "Dance in Haryanvi Culture". Sharwan Kumar Garg presented "Mono Acting", the theme of which was to save girls in trouble. Then, Maryada Mudgil and Deepika More performed the Radha And Krishna dance. Arya Kanya School and 16 daughters gave an amazing performance, where one daughter sang a beautiful Bhajan while a brother presented a beautiful cultural song,"BAM LAHRI". Then, Maryada Mudgil and Deepika More returned to the stage to perform a beautiful Haryanavi Dance(Giddha).

Viviana Siddhi, President and Founder of Mandala Transformation Foundation, spoke about how she discovered that painting, meditation, and yoga can work in concert to bring people to a higher state of consciousness and happiness. Ms. Siddhi provided evidence for this by sharing the many wonderfully spiritual events that she has actually lived, and explained how all of these things can be put to work by all people to achieve true freedom and empowerment. Prof. Subhash Sharma Jee assisted by providing great translation during the speech. Viviana asked people if they had any doubts, and two professors asked her questions about the mind. Viviana gave answers, and the professors were satisfied.