7th World Edu Summit - Together we can make a difference
9th Sept., 2017, Hotel Fortune Select Trinity, Bangalore, India
A Global Think Tank in Higher Education

Sustainable Developmental Goal - Education

Prof.Bholanath Dutta, Founder & President of the MTC Global and Chairman World Edu Summit gave welcome address and Summit Theme Overview after Lighting of the lamp. Address by key note speakers Dr.Ganesh Natarajan, Founder and CEO 5F World, President - NASSCOM Foundation and Chief Guest Adress Dr.Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Leading Bangladeshi Economist, Chairman, Prestigious Dhaka School of Economics. Follows address by Chairman - MTC Global Advisory Board Dr.Prabhakar Waghodekar, Advisor (HR), IBS & PME (PG) Marathwada Institute of Technology.

Inclusive Quality Education and Life Long Learning - Session Chairman Dr. M.J.Xavier, Chief Executive Officer, Karunya University.

Panel Speakers:

Prof.Parameshwar Iyer, Chairman, Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing (IP Tel.) and Faculty, Department of Management Studies Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Mr.Ramesh Vemuganti, CEO Chanakya Consulting, Former President, Hyderabad Management Association, Dr.Kuldeep Nagi, Graduate School of Learning (GSeL), Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand, Ms.Greshma Momaya, Operation Head, Trio World School, Bangalore, Mr.Arjun Vellal, Founder and CEO, Proawitz Leadership Inc.

Education in Poverty Alleviation and Global Peace

Session Chairman Dr.Dheeraj Mehrotra, Vice President Next Education India Pvt.,Ltd., Academic Evangelist, Author, National Awardee, Educational Innovator, Limca Book Record Holder & India Book Record Holder.

Panel members:

Barrister Shameem Haider Patwary, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees & Member, Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), Dhaka International University, Bangladesh Dr.Swaroop D.Reddy, Principal & Dean International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore; Ms.Pooja Yaduvir, Founder Eduspire, Pune; Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Ph.D., Professor of Economics at Dhaka School of Economics, Former Vice Chancellor, Presidency University, Bangladesh; Mr.Gaurav Kumar Chawla, Founder and Managing Director GKC Consultants OPC Pvt.Limited; Ms.Viviana Siddhi, Founder & President NGO the Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc., California, USA.

Valedictory Program & Award Ceremony

Guest of Honour Address

Brig.A.K.Lavania (Dr.), Prof. and Head Physiology - Sukh Sagar Medical College and Hospital, Jabalpur; Chief Guest Adress Dr.Jawahar Surisetti, Author, Motivator, Educationist, Psychologist, Career Advisor, CSR Expert, Advisor to Governmet.

World Quality Day was introduced in 1990 by the United Nations with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of quality performance of professional responsibilities and tasks across nations and in organizations to strengthen the improvement of innovation, growth and sustainability. WQD was started also by Europe and Japan in 1989.

Every year WQD is the second Thursday of November; two weeks before thanksgiving in the USA.

Think of Innovation on Quality, what I will do today:

1. I will save every drop of water for the future generation.

2. I will help children and the aged.

3. I will plant a sapling for greenery.

4. I will empathize before I say something.

5. I will comply with legal compliances.

6. I will always sport a smile in all my services.

7. I will swallow my ego, today.

8. I will impart quality trainings.

9. I will partake in harmony programmers.

10. I will ensure food is not wasted and disposed off in a hygienic.

11. I will save electricity.

12. I will not litter around, today.

13. I will not involve in pilferage.

14. I will not spit in public and spoil the natural beauty.

15. I will not cheat my fellow human beings.

16. I will not be part of CO2 emissions.