MTFI Project 2015
Village Masaka, Uganda

MTFI doing a cultural exchange at the orphanage in Uganda and provides the link to raise money for that and for the general purposes such as: food, beds, mattresses, mosquito nets, blankets, bed sheets, medicine, school supplies, school uniforms, a school van to help children reach hospital easily, since the referral hospital is in 30 km away. They live in miserable conditions.

The Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc.'s gifts for Kirowooza children

Orphanage village is operating in temporary structures and they have a problem with water. It can be found in far long distances and it is not clean water. They need a bore hole near the school to help the children and the entire community with clean water.

Please, support the Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc. (MTFI). We help and guide directly those who are open to improving and transforming their lives and ready to learn transformational healing methods that include many types of approaches, including some which are currently considered highly metaphysical in nature. Our cultural gatherings, rooted in traditional knowledge and wisdom, guide participants to understand, live, and be one with nature.

The Mandala Transformation Foundation Inc. is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization. We'll issue a charitable contribution letter for every contribution over $75.- (cumulative amount for year). Please, contact us at  and/or call toll free ph.# 1-888-895-7025 for details.